Help desk

Your customers want your products and services so that they can use them to make their lives simpler and easier, but theres nothing easy or simple about a product that just won't do what its supposed to do. So lets make sure that getting help to fix the problem is easy and simple. We respond to your clients enquiries quickly, and efficiently, in most cases resolving the issue on the first call, but escalating it to you where need be.

Sales desk

Who doesn't need another sales rep - someone polite, knowledgeable and motivated to sell. From sending quotes, to logging orders to actively making sales calls - the sales desk is a well oiled money making machine. Helping you generate new leads within your market, and also up sell or cross sell to your current database.

Contact Center

When your customers talk - do you listen AND respond? Talking is more than just mouthing sounds nowadays, we tweet, post, tag and hashtag - is your brand part of the conversation? Is the communication going both ways? Our contact centre lives and breathes social media. You and your customer need to get to know each other better, and our team will help you do that, and when your customer communicates online, on the phone, via email... our team will be on hand to talk back.

Online Reputation Management

Your brand is not what you say about it, its what your customer says about it. Our up to date technology tells us when your brand is mentioned anywhere online. A blog post, Facebook status update, tweet - anywhere your company is mentioned we will be notified in real time and will respond.

A great first impression

Your goal is to make sales, our is to help you do that. Our range of demo tables helps you to let your clients try before they buy, and the presentation of your product is the first step to whetting their appetites…. Your team will be able to set up quickly, conceal any extra material they have neatly, and help your new product make a great first impression.

Exhibition stands, under your control

Opportunities are everywhere, and you should be able to jump onto any that you see benefitting your brand. Our Modular Exhibition stands are light weight and allow u to set up as much or as little as you like, depending on the space you have. No need to wait for people with drills and hammers to handle your set up, your team will be fully empowered to do it themselves.

Tall, taller, tallest

No this is not a grade 1 english class, we are talking about the tallest flag on the market, our 7m Champion flag - the name says it all. Stand out head and shoulders…. and waist above the competition. Co-sponsoring an event? This flag will get you more than your fair share of the attention.

A message that lingers

You know those adverts where a pretty lady has a perfume, body wash or shampoo with a smell that lingers for hours and hours…. Your corporate gifts to clients should have the same effect. A gift that reminds them again and again that you appreciate them, and value the relationship. A gift that lingers… Our wide range of corporate gifts will help you cement those key corporate relationships, and keep you on your clients minds, and maybe even in their hearts.

Company Registration

Congratulations - you are looking to take the first step in becoming an official business person. Having your company registered will allow you to formalise all your operations and get you ready to deal with the big companies that love paperwork. We can help whether you need a fresh registration or a quick shelf company. Talk to us, we're here to help.

Email hosting

Email is a standard in business. It should be easy, and cost effective to get branded emails with your company name ( no - doesn't cut it ) , so Web Wizards makes it easy. $15 a month gets you access to 20 email addresses for your growing business. That's under $1 each a month!!!

Web development

You don't understand what php, flash, or java script is, so why do Web developers keep throwing these words around. Web design is easy, when you work with someone that makes it easy for you. Our $50/month web special includes your email addresses, hosting and any changes you need. Keeping your website up to date, and getting you up and running in a flash.

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