What ever happened to real business people?


When business was business and your word was your word. When having a company meant more than having a file full of papers, with a 1GB memory stick to match. What happened to the businessman where being on time was normal and excuses like "i couldn't get through to you" were unheard of. What happened to the superhero businessman who no matter what, would always pick up his phone. When deliveries were made on time and taxes never overdue. Those were the days. 

Those days are back!


Cyrex Business offers you key tools to ensure your business is run effectively and efficiently. Workaholics helps you set up your company and keep your statutory documentation up to date Brandbox helps you develop a brand identity, helps you stand out and get noticed. Web Wizzards helps you set up modern communication platforms to keep you in touch with your customers YapYap! Call Centre helps you ensure that your company is ALWAYS available for comment.  

This is the stuff superhero businessmen are made of!

Cyrex Business is a private company that was formed in 2007. The company was birthed in the sprit on entrepreneurship and has become a trailblazer in innovation and creativity, creating new ways of doing business and  always offering a fresh perspective. We of course share this closely guarded formula (yes it's in a high security vault under the Kariba Dam Wall) with our extensive client base of Small & Medium Enterprises and Corporates.


In 5 short years Cyrex Business has become a key competitor in the business services sector. With new products and services constantly being introduced to our portfolio, we have managed to keep up with the dynamic business arena by employing cutting edge technology and worlds best practices to deliver world class products and services.

Those days are back!


A young and creative team of professionals keeps our engines turning, and of course the occasional case of Red Bull keeps us working through the night to meet our clients critical needs. So what will we do when the team gets older you may ask, well, the fountain of youth runs within the blood of every team member. At Cyrex Business, no idea is a bad idea as we keep every inch of creativity at the core of our business.


We believe that doing business doesn't mean that we should be serious and dignified. If the job is going to be done anyway, why not add some flavour, colour and lots of laughter.


You will enjoy your experience with us, we work harder, so you can work smarter.

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